About TMC

We are an international high-tech company, comprised of Employeneurs with more than 30 nationalities who provide services to customers all over the world. We excel in research, development and engineering.

TMC is a unique collection of self-starting, highly skilled and almost self-employed technical professionals. Our unparalleled Employeneurship model offers engineers from all backgrounds the comforts of employment and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. This makes for a challenging, stimulating environment that you are welcome to explore.

From nanoscale to real-world applications

With nanotechnology, we can change the fundamental characteristics of materials: clothing that is impossible to stain, or roads that can repair themselves. Practically every product on today’s market can be improved using nanotechnology. So, as the use of nanotechnology is already common practice in the semiconductor industry, it won’t be long before it is used in practically every other industry too.


We brought together our knowledge and expertise in the field of nanotechnology in Nanovations. Nanovations helps companies innovate with nanotechnology: from research to implementation and business development.


Nanotechnologists at TMC are focusing on the nano- to micrometer size scale and they believe that their expertise will change the world. Tailoring materials and processes on that scale to their benefit and translating nanoscale phenomena to real world applications. Their multidisciplinary, pragmatic and entrepreneurial way of working provide innovative solutions for projects ranging from, design to research and development up to new product introduction.


High Tech Campus 96
5656 AG Eindhoven
The Netherlands

+31 (0)88 862 20 00








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