About ANL

ANL is based in the city of Delft in the Netherlands. We are a high volume 2D material foundry and producer of monolayer graphene and other 2-dimensional material sheets with a low defect density. Our advanced CVD systems enable optimum film morphology for wafers from 50mm (2”) through to 200mm (8”) diameter.

Securing the high performance material supply platform for tomorrows technology

As graphene and other 2D materials continue to inspire researchers to develop new devices and applications, the need for a high-quality 2D material foundry that can supply large quantities of low-defect graphene, h-BN and other 2D materials for device development and production integration has become evident. ANL’s advanced 2D technology and high volume automation ensures our ability to produce at constant high quality while responding quickly to meet increasing demands for advanced 2D based devices.


ANL Applied Nanolayers
Feldmannweg 17
2628 CT



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