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Call voor High Tech Systemen & Materialen MVI top-up onderzoek heropend

In 2019 zijn binnen de jaarlijkse call van High Tech Systemen & Materialen (HTSM) 22 projecten gehonoreerd. Om ervoor te zorgen dat deze onderzoeken leiden tot maatschappelijk verantwoorde innovaties biedt NWO – met een HTSM MVI top-up call – de mogelijkheid om een aantal projecten te integreren met MVI-onderzoek. De […]

Pre-announcement start programme Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC)

In July 2020, NWO will start seven programmes that fall within the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant 2020-2023. It concerns a range of subjects for which public and private parties will work together in an interdisciplinary manner with researchers on innovative solutions or societal problems, such as the energy transition, dementia […]

2020 LIFE call for proposals for traditional projects – environment and resource efficiency

Please read the message on the measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic before starting an application. The Addendum to the guidelines for applicants is now published under the LIFE2020 calls. Please check the documents listing the modifications to the guidelines for applicants and model of grant agreement due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This call for […]