SubMicron Bonding Technology

Ralph Schachler, Finetech

Finetech’s FINEPLACER® bonders are capable of placing die with an accuracy of 0.5µm. Bonding with high accuracy of a few microns or better has become more and more important, e.g. as data communication shifts from electric to photonic signals. Emitters and Detectors used for these applications demand this accuracy to ensure maximum coupling efficiency. This presentation provides information about alignment strategies, material requirements, machinery and processes.  In addition, examples of typical applications will be included.


Workshop Micro Systems & Small Devices
Parallel session:
Technological Issues in the  Value Chain
15.50 hrs.


Demo SubMicron Bonding Technology of FineTech

At the end of the day, there’s the possibility for a limited number of participants (2 groups of 5 people) to join a demo of the SubMicron Bonding Technology of FineTech, with the Fineplacer femto which is used in the Philips production facility. The placement accuracy of the femto will be demonstrated as well as laser bar bonding as an example of a submicron bonding application.

Participants can subscribe for this demo at the registration desk of the workshop.