April 12th MinacNed hosted the meeting NanoTech & Photonics 4SME, organized together with Photonics NL.

34 entrepreneurs from small and medium sized companies working in micro/nano or photonics, met to exchanges knowledge and ideas for new business.
To inspire the participants, four experts working with micro/nano and photonics, presented their experiences.

The presentations of Benno Oderkerk (Avantes), Willem Vos (TU) and Rene Heideman (LioniX) are available online:

Benno Oderkerk: The UnlimitedWorld of Applications forNano & Photonics

Willem Vos: Nanophotonics: new frontier, already productive

Rene Heideman: Opto-fluidics, a fruitful marriage between Integrated Optics and Microfluidics