Become a member

MinacNed membership is open to companies, research institutes and scientific institutes, operating in design, research & development, production, sales and advice in the fields of microsystems and nanotechological applications, as well as potential endusers.

Membership Benefits

Membership op MinacNed provides several advantages. Firstly, MinacNed provides a network for entrepeneurs. The membership covers the entire value chain, from research to retail. Second, at membership rate, the members participate in the association activities such as meetings, competency matrix, the annual symposium (International MicroNanoConference), cluster initiations, collective exhibition participation and course inventories.

Thirdly, members are assured that their interests are represented in government. The secretariat of MinacNed is conducted by FHI, federation of technology branches, hence the connection with politics in The Hague is assured.

Membership for NON nanotechnologists

MinacNed, association for microsystems and nanotechnology, aims to strengthen economic activity based on microsystem and nanotechnology. Thereby, use is made of the entire chain and each link in that chain adds value. Inherently, technology is worthless. Only its application can create economic added value, while the features can signify added value. Because of this chain approach, it is important to involve the enduser in techological development. Despite their important role, the enduser is not always an expert in the field of nanotechnolgy. This is why non-nanotechnologists are MinacNed members as well.


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